My First Review: Personal Revolutions by Oli Anderson

It's difficult for me to explain how i felt when i was ill, my judgement was impaired and my thoughts were irrational, so now with a rational mind they seem like a dream. One thing I know for sure is that my focus was all over the place and i really lacked any control. I needed an anchor, something i could hold on to... i think this would normally (normally in this society in recent times) be the role of the therapist but with the NHS in crisis, that option wasn't available to me. If i was a religious man i guess i would turn to the appropriate text to guide me whilst i tried to explore how i was feeling, a passage in the bible for example. But I'm not religious.

As soon as I started reading this book, i realised it could be the anchor i needed. I understood the wisdom in lots of books, but there was always this religious or mystic undertone that i still find difficult to accept.

Personal Revolutions is different, it strips away the unnecessary to reveal the truth underneath... 

But this review shouldn't 'just' be about the book's ability to help you cope with the quickly accelerating stresses of the human world, it can help anyone... everyone, not just to heal, but to develop yourself... whatever your needs, whatever your values.

Personal Revolutions offers several levels of development and i certainly haven't experienced them all, in fact i consider myself a beginner in terms of the 'knowledge' the book holds. Personal Revolutions helped me look at such a vast number of subjects from a different perspective that it's started to become routine. I still get emotional, but now i spot it and control it... one day i may even learn to use it more effectively as a tool. It was this very book that opened up new opportunities to me, put the first smile on my face, and gave me a confidence I had lost years ago. Of course, I also had other positive things going on around me, great strangers on Twitter for sure, but i needed my own way (somehow) and Personal Revolutions introduced me to the tools i needed to 'create' one.

Personal Revolutions holds potential for everyone in my opinion; regardless of the obstacles you face, i truly believe this book will help you face them and improve your relationship with them. It should be on every bookshelf (digital or otherwise), as a point of reference and i think it's whole concept could inspire creativity in anybody's life.

To say this book saved my life is a bit strong and not real, but i am using unlocked potential that i think i simply wouldn't of discovered without it and lets not forget I still haven't had any therapy and managed to escape the mess i was in... this book helped for sure!

A true 'Must Read' imo


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