Should I Smoke This Spliff I Just Rolled?

Earlier on Twitter, a thread caught my eye as quite an innocent post (and the poster) were accused of perverting the minds of children, all wrapped in an assumption that all cannabis users are drug addled morons with no idea of the harm they cause themselves or others...

It inspired me to write something. I dunno why exactly, sometimes things create an emotional reaction and that motivates me to want to do something and I choose to write (it's better than becoming a 1 man revolutionary army, prepared to take on the tyrannical Tories).

Cannabis, less harmful to society and any individual user than alcohol and tobacco, more beneficial to the medical world than... well anything really cos it seems to have a positive effect on symptoms that currently have no other cure and to those families... it's priceless.

If the above paragraph is wrong, i'd love someone to challenge me on it, i'd accept any valid response, though you'd be hard pressed to change my mind. There's thousands of pages on the internet demonstrating the various risks and benefits in greater detail, feel free to explore.

I had a look at the dark web. If you thought the illegality of something as mild as cannabis created a gateway to various other criminal influences, then you would be horrified to know what someone might see just whilst looking for a 'hassle free' delivery of weed.

I'm not gonna pretend to know why this plant has the reputation it does, there are many stories out there among those factual pages of risk vs. reward. I try to think about right now, this moment. A plant has the potential to help people in various ways, it's been proven. There are risk but actually, they are easily managed and they are far less of a risk than alcohol. another point; there is a vast cannabis blackmarket throughout the uk, money circulates but none is taken for tax. There is a whole community and it has expertise, craftsmanship, merchants, healers, bards and kings... all pushed to operate outside the system, even though it costs them a fortune to do so.

The Legalisation of Cannabis could be the next boom; yes people could just grow their own... just like people brew their own ale, it in no way limits the potential of the alcohol industry. Those left behind all across Britain, will suddenly have access to the vast potential of that very 'community within a community' that is sprawled through the run down towns as much as the big cities, it seems to make perfect sense... so why aren't they doing it?

It's a strange one, but I think a lot of politics is very strange, and i can understand why people submit to the news for their 'truth' rather than trying to make sense of it themselves. I haven't got the answer, i don't think i'm saying anything new, maybe the changes of law in Canada and Australia are Britain's opportunity to gather evidence, i just wish they'd hurry up because i don't like being considered being 'bad' just because i choose to have a little puff and live a little easier.

So, should i smoke this spliff i just rolled? Already have and it was really really nice.

Dribble ended


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