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Daily Living, A 3 Act Structure

Every day has a start, middle, and end.

I thought i'd write about how I now structure my day, as it is proving to have a real benefit to my experience of life. Having got involved with a group of others, i'm finding that many of them have something similar going on and they are finding it useful too.

When I was in the deepest part of my depression, I found the most effective time to focus on meditation or just breathing or stretching, was in the morning. I found the better I started the day, the better the day went. As my health improved I began doing more and more, this came with stress so I started repeating my morning routine in the evening. At this stage it was far from a coherent, developed routine, I just felt better doing certain things so I kept doing them.

Now, something very important that I recently learnt about myself is that I can get swept away in ideas and lose focus of what's really going on. I keep this in mind and in whatever I explain below, the focus o…