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How I Imagine The Jesus Thing Really Went

Having created everything, God spoke to Adam and Eve and explained the true nature of life,

"Right you two, I've created this whole universe for you to explore but I want you to understand how amazing it is, therefore, I've given you free-will to work it all out on your own... you'll appreciate it more that way. But just so you remember I exist, cos free-will can fool ya, I'll give you a simple law to follow; see that thing on that tree? it's an apple. I need you to remember I'm in charge and for no reason other than to see if you can control yourselves, i'm asking you to not eat that particular fruit"

Now, to say things went downhill from there would be an understatement; and God saw what a mess we had got ourselves into...

"Jesus! Jesus, come here and have a look at this!"

As Jesus looked down upon the Earth he turned to his father and squinted his eyes, "What did you think was going to happen? You gave them free-will but not enl…